Bajaj UV WPX 3 Water Purifier

  • 3 + 1 stage water purification
  • Unique UV eye for assured purity
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel UV chamber
  • Electronic monitoring system

Bajaj XTP 11 Water Purifier

  • Protects your family form dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and polio
  • Cartridge life of 1500 Litres
  • CRM (Contact Release Mechanism): Releases disinfecting agent depending upon pathogens present in the input water
  • Operating voltage: 230 volts

Bajaj Shudh Water Purifier

  • This non-electric water purifier is compact in design and easy to operate
  • It offers a flow rate of three liters and has a cartridge life of 4500 liters
  • This water purifier comes with a promise to last for years to come and is easy to maintain as well